Why Vietnam?

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  • Vietnam is one of most politically and economically stable countries in Asia (average GPD growth rate at 7% annually)
  • Vietnam has emerged as a high tech center with significant growth of foreign investments. Over 5,000 IT companies are based in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Strong government support for the software industry with tax incentives and establishment of software parks such as Saigon Software Park, Quang Trung Software City and Da Nang Software Park, etc.
  • A young and well educated workforce (60% of the 90 million population is under age 30. Literacy rate over 90%)
  • Large talent pool (50,000 IT graduates per year)
  • Cost advantage over other popular offshore outsourcing destinations

We welcome your visit to our partner’s facilities. You will come away with a whole new perspective on Vietnam as a highly capable outsourcing destination.